Nursing home staff are committed to the wellbeing and care of their patients. Caretaking in these settings is a very physical job and, at times, it can also be a dangerous job. Here are a few of the top reasons to consider nursing home association workers’ compensation for financial protection and peace of mind.

Back, Knee, and Shoulder Injuries

These types of injuries are seen frequently in nurses and aides who spend their time lifting, carrying, and moving patients on a daily basis. Staff is also often required to move equipment and even furniture as part of their job duties. Without consistent proper form, repetitive strain injury may be caused by overuse and repetitive movement. Back injuries, in particular, contribute to extended time off of work and high medical costs. 

Physical Assaults and Aggression From Patients

With the physical nature of nursing home work, staff may find themselves dealing with patients who have dementia, mental health, or other psychological issues that result in violent or unpredictable behavior. Injuries arising from being pushed, scratched, bit, or kicked may result. Nursing home association workers’ compensation can cover costs associated with these damages. 

Slip and Falls

Fluids are plentiful in nursing homes. Even with a competent cleaning staff, these may get on the floor and cause a slip and fall. 

Nursing home association workers’ compensation offers a way to cover these and other common worker’s compensation claims.