Mobile homes are just as vulnerable to damage as traditional homes, and protecting them with insurance is just as important. In fact, mobile homes have a greater level of risk exposure to certain types of damage. It is advisable for individuals who own mobile or manufactured homes to obtain insurance that will meet all of their unique needs and safeguard their homes against loss.

Weather Events

A mobile home can be seriously impacted by a major weather event. Windstorms, hail, and falling objects can all cause significant structural damage. Mobile home insurance can provide homeowners with the resources that they need to get through the aftermath of a big storm.

Water Damage

Not all insurance policies cover water damage, so it is important to verify if flooding or other issues fall within the scope of your current coverage. It is advantageous to have coverage that can remedy damage caused by an event such as a leak or burst pipes.


Even a small fire could create the need for costly repairs or make an entire home uninhabitable. An insurance policy that covers damage from a fire helps mobile homeowners address substantial damage from a fire.

Ultimately, mobile homeowners need to protect their homes and avoid unnecessary losses. Insurance coverage should be affordable but also as comprehensive as possible.