Protecting the people who work for your company is one of your top priorities as the owner of a business. From the people you employ directly to the contractors who do work for you now and again, you need to think about how your insurance can help you provide ample coverage to all. If you work in an industry impacted by the Defense Base Act of the United States, then you really need to put some thought into what policy you take out in order to comply with federal regulations.

What Is DBA Insurance?

Essentially, DBA insurance is coverage that helps to provide for contractors in accordance with the terms set forth by the Defense Base Act. Typically, any organization that has a contract with the United States government will need to have this kind of insurance. Initially, this insurance was aimed at people stationed at military bases. Now, it includes plenty of non-military locations like schools, harbors, and major roads. No matter where your workers are handling business on your behalf, this type of coverage keeps them protected at all times. Additional points to consider include:

Stay Protected at All Times

By understanding the ins and outs of DBA insurance, you can ensure you are meeting all of the requirements that the government has put forward. Take a moment to review the policies available to you and stay protected no matter what.