Purchasing insurance for a business is usually pretty straightforward: you know that you need property insurance, liability coverage, workers’ compensation, and so on. However, if you run a staffing agency, you may soon come to realize that purchasing coverage for it is not as cut and dry. This quick list will help you determine what type of staffing agency insurance you need to protect yourself and your clients.

Professional Liability Coverage

Matching employees to employers requires matching skill sets, experience, and education requirements, and much more. Even with computerized algorithms and in-person interviews, mistakes happen sometimes. Professional liability coverage protects you if an employee doesn’t complete the employer’s job because of lacking skills or if he or she otherwise cause issues by not meeting contract specifications.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

As reported on www.usrisk.com/, you may also need workers compensation coverage. Staffing agencies that place employees in warehouse jobs or other physically demanding jobs are especially in need of this type of policy. Even if your state doesn’t require it for the temporary employees you place in other jobs, it may require it for anyone who works for your agency itself.
Of course, don’t forget the basics when you’re talking to a potential insurance agent. Remember, you’ll need property insurance, general liability coverage, and a range of other policies if you want your company to thrive in any circumstance.