No matter what line of work your small business is in, it is essential that you protect yourself and your employees against any kind of harm on the job. This is especially true of dangerous industries like construction, but if you have employees asking you why is PPE important, be prepared with a good, well-thought-out answer for them.

Number One And Only: PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Safeguards You From Death and Injury

If someone is flipping your attitude about making them armor up on the job, this is literally the only reason that you need to give them. Bring up a real-life scenario to drive your message home and direct them to Daniels Insurance for a more comprehensive list of PPE.

For example, it might seem silly to wear goggles when you’re mixing the cleaning products at your janitorial┬ájob, but imagine if those chemicals ended up in your eyes somehow. Those goggles might look stupid, but they are the only line of defense between you and potential blindness.

If your employees grumble about its necessity, gently remind them that you’re keeping them safe while they’re on the job in your facility. When you have a complete understanding of the reasons behind wearing PPE, you’re less likely to complain about doing so.