As a member of law enforcement, you face many risks while performing your job duties. In addition to facing personal safety issues on the job, lawsuits are often filed against officers, making it vital for you to haveĀ police officer liability insurance coverage.

Why Do You Need Liability Coverage?

Law enforcement agencies can purchase these policies to help pay for the expenses involved in defending claims and paying settlements. The litigation costs of these lawsuits can be staggering, and suits occur frequently.

Adequate coverage helps mitigate financial losses resulting from legal fees. These policies reduce the taxpayer burden and enable law enforcement agencies to focus on doing their jobs. Most police officer liability policies cover property damage and injury claims as well as slander or libel suits.

What Incident Types Does Liability Insurance Cover?

This kind of insurance protects officers, departments and municipalities against lawsuits arising from incidents that occur while on the job. A policy of this type typically covers common claims filed against members of the police force, including the following:

  • False arrests
  • Use of excessive force
  • Cruel and unusual punishment
  • Civil rights violations
  • Failure to protect
  • Negligence

It is vital to protect yourself from potential lawsuits, financial loss and other risks. Discuss the police liability insurance coverage right for you with an experienced agent to ensure you are protected.