These days, you can buy an insurance policy for just about anything. Whether you’re looking to gain coverage for personal property, liability, or business pursuits, a policy exists that will give you the protection you need.

And sadly, kidnap & ransom insurance, which is one of the more rare types of insurance, is still a type of insurance that is widely bought and sold today. But what type of coverages does it include? Specifics may vary from policy to policy, but here is a general overview of these policies.

Protection From the Unthinkable

In the event of a kidnapping for ransom, all minds are working toward a peaceful resolution without any violence. Some kidnap & ransom insurance policies will cover things like:

  • The ransom, up to certain limits
  • Death/dismemberment
  • Abduction of a child
  • Legal fees resulting from the kidnapping
  • Situations that involve an active shooter
  • Consultancy fees with expert negotiators

Not all policies include these items, but many can be added on as extras to a basic policy if that is what you need. Check with an insurance provider to be sure of the coverage details and to see if any additional circumstances might be available to include with your policy. A licensed agent will be able to answer any questions you might have about ransom and kidnap insurance.