When you hire an agency to handle your marketing needs, you want to know that every penny is being spent in the most advantageous way. In the insurance business, there are many ways to broaden your consumer base. Though the word telemarketing may cause you to cringe, it isn’t as bad of an idea as you may think.

Joining the Old With the New

Even though it seems everyone is looking for a digital marketing strategy these days, insurance telemarketing can still be a successful way to reach new customers. It requires patience and the support of a broader holistic outreach program. The forced sales scripts of bored off-shore call center employees aren’t going to take your insurance business to the next level. It is simply one part of a bigger marketing picture where the customer is the center of every decision.

Using the Right Approach

A company specializing in marketing strategies specifically for insurance agents and providers will know how to approach telemarketing. Callers are well-trained and have the ability to connect to the prospect without a script. They don’t push for a yes, and they know what questions to ask and products to suggest.

Telemarketing, as a part of a bigger marketing plan, can help capitalize on interested prospects but also create a steady stream of leads. With the right people working your campaign, telemarketing can still be a successful option for insurance businesses.