All experienced real estate agents understand the importance of getting high-quality photographs for their listings. High resolution, great angles, and vibrant color contrasts in photos help make a listing stand out. Exterior photographs are especially important when you want to showcase the surrounding area or spectacular views. Drones are an amazing photography tool for real estate agents that can produce outstanding overhead shots of an area. If you’re going to use drones for photography, there are some important steps that you should follow.

Ensure Compliance With All Applicable Regulations

Consult a real estate agent drone guide to make sure that you go about using a drone safely and lawfully. While federal laws regulating the use of drones have been made less stringent, the FAA requires that drone operators obtain training and certification prior to privately using a drone. In addition, it’s important to comply with all applicable state and local regulations.

Get Professional Help if You’re Not Experienced Using a Drone

If you’re not licensed or you’re still gaining confidence in drone piloting, you should consider getting help from a licensed drone photographer. They can help ensure that the process goes safely and deliver great shots.

Drone photography can offer real estate agents a great competitive advantage when they’re listing properties on real estate platforms. Be sure that you follow important safety protocols and enlist professional help when needed.