Running a successful business or organization requires a profitable idea, exceptional customer service and a solid reputation that gives current and potential clients the confidence to continue a working relationship. In many cases, a business’s reputation can be what sets it apart from the competition. However, when it is compromised or negatively misrepresented it is important to act fast and clear any misunderstandings before they escalate. By taking one of the first courses of action, writing a cease and desist letter slander, libel or other forms of defamation can be controlled.

When to Use It

When you or your business are unfairly represented, it can be unnerving to know how it can affect your credibility and profits.

If you see the following harmful activities being committed against you, a cease and desist letter will likely be needed:

Writings such as reviews or articles pitted against your business
Untrue or derogatory statements verbally made
Any other unfair misrepresentation

Since a cease and desist letter is considered a formal document, some may be hesitant to proceed independently or may need advice on how to craft one that is assertive and effective. By using some helpful tools or consulting with experienced professionals to pen the appropriate cease and desist letter, slander or other harmful actions against your reputation can be stopped as soon as possible.