If your company specializes in wastewater treatment and relies to a large extent on volunteer labor, you may have special insurance concerns to address. Volunteer wastewater management can come with certain risks that you could mitigate with thorough coverage. Here’s what your business should know about volunteer risks and finding the right protections.

Ensure Volunteers Understand the Organizational Mission and Reputation

Before purchasing insurance, it’s best to ensure your organization’s volunteers fully understand your mission and your reputational values. This helps prevent situations that may require insurance payouts. Walk your volunteers through training that helps them:

  • Support the organizational mission
  • Protect the organization’s public reputation
  • Ensure good staff and client relations
  • Understand how to handle claims and other organizational matters

Your Organization May Need Greater Insurance Limits

Depending on how much volunteer work your organization utilizes, you may need greater insurance limits than other organizations of a comparable size. Make sure your total insurance package covers:

  • Volunteer liability and injuries insurance
  • Volunteers dishonesty insurance
  • Nonprofit liability coverage
  • Directors and officers, or D&O, liability coverage

As you look to insure your wastewater treatment operation, be sure to find coverage that protects your company against volunteer liabilities. Now that you know what the risks are, you can identify the right coverage your company needs.