Every business must have insurance, and usually more than one type of insurance to make sure all of their risks are covered. This is especially true for volatile industries that face a lot of unpredictable situations. The oil and gas industry is one such area.

Protection for Every Aspect of the Industry

There are three main areas of oil and natural gas coverage and they each include a number of professionals. Petroleum marketing is one area and it includes oil distributors and haulers, petroleum jobbers, utilities, propane retail and wholesale, and more. Oil and gas in a more general category include contractors for roustabout, drilling, well servicing, and wireline operations, as well as pumpers and tong and casing operations. Oil field trucking is another type of coverage. It protects those who operate pressure pumping trucks, rig moving, hot shot services, and others. Even within the oil and gas industry, different professionals and organizations will need varying amounts and types of coverage specific to their tasks and responsibilities.

Covering All the Bases

Just like any professional organization, companies who specialize in services in the oil and gas industry need standard coverage like workers compensation, general liability, and commercial auto liability. However, environmental and pollution liability, along with protection for the breakdown of specialized equipment are also necessary for this industry. Speaking with a qualified insurance expert will help oil and gas professionals ensure that every aspect of their operations is covered.