Insurance agents and brokers use a variety of strategies to reach their target audience. These marketing strategies often start with a quality website, but the telephone can still bring leads to your business. Here are some tips to get more telemarketing leads on your next campaign.

Grab Their Attention

People are inundated with information all day long from the radio, TV and their devices. When you cold call them, start with something that is sure to grab their attention. You want to pique their interest, so they don’t hang up right away. A straightforward approach saves both of your time.

Track the Details

Tracking the details of the number of calls and results during your campaign can give you insight into what works best for your business and target area. This information can help you narrow down your marketing strategy for maximum effect.

Tap Rural Areas

Urban people are less likely to answer their phone than those in rural areas. Focusing on the areas around the city can gain you more leads than inner city calls. Try to call in the evenings when people are likely to be home from work to increase your chances of them answering the phone.

Telemarketing leads offer a cost-effective way to grow your client base. Using more than one marketing effort can increase your chances of success. Telemarketing is one more trick at your disposal.