Food trucks are unique businesses that are rising in popularity among people who seek innovation. Entering the field can be a smart idea, but you will need specific documents and preparations before serving your first order. Continue reading and learn more about some of the business requirements in the food truck industry.

Food Handler’s Permit

As you or your employees will be serving food to numerous customers, the state or city you operate in may require a food handler’s permit for the business. The authorities may require food safety and hygiene courses before you obtain the permit. Show that your organization can safely prepare food to guarantee government approval.

Business and Vehicle Licenses

Since you will be starting a business, you will need a business license to meet requirements set by the local government. A vehicle license is also necessary to demonstrate your small company can operate the vehicle properly without causing an incident.

Insurance Coverage

This business also involves some risks and dangers for you, the clients and the staff, which is why a food truck insurance program is needed. According to, you might need multiple coverage areas.

  • General liability
  • Commercial auto liability¬†
  • Property¬†
  • Workers’ compensation¬†

You will never know what incident can impact the business. A comprehensive insurance plan can cover as many scenarios as possible.

A food truck business requires determination, vision, and preparation. Ensure your venture’s success by obtaining the right permits, licenses, and insurance.