The media industry is an umbrella term that refers to many types of entities that disseminate information. The very nature of this industry leaves companies and individuals open to litigation. Experts in the field recommend quality media liability insurance policies to cover multiple potential threats of legal action.

Dangers for the Media Industry

Media industry careers cover a broad spectrum ranging from graphic designers and filmmakers to newspaper and magazine reporters to authors, software developers, and advertisers. Legal claims could come from multiple directions.

  • Slander
  • Libel
  • Violation of intellectual property rights
  • Violation of reputational concerns

Specialized policies for this industry such as Media Liability or Errors and Omissions policies guard against multiple types of claims. This coverage can be written to protect employees, the company, its officers, and independent contractors.

Ensure Protection

Even if your media company has general liability coverage, any business that produces and disseminates information should have media liability coverage. Most of these specialized policies include defense coverage, meaning they pay for costs of researching, settling, and defending legal claims against the insured.

Media liability insurance tailored to your company helps you rest easier at night. You can focus on producing good work without constantly worrying about being taken to court. Accurate, high-quality information and material benefits all of society.