When you’re setting up your company website, you want to be open to communication no matter who is trying to contact you. As a consumer, one of the most irritating things that can happen is to be faced with a question relating to the company and find nobody who can answer it. When you’re creating your company website, be sure your contact information doesn’t fall through the cracks. What are some things to include?

Staff And Staff Extensions

Also called a market directory, sectioning off who is in charge of what aspect of your business and listing individual phone numbers and extensions can help customers find exactly the right person for their needs.

An Email Address

Since so much of the world relies on digital communication, check your inbox daily and multiple times a day.

Social Media Handles

You want to reach as wide an audience as you can, so listing other places customers can find you is a great idea.

You’re Protected

Remember also that proper insurance can help to put customers at ease. List that you are also insured with the proper insurance policies and maybe even give a shoutout to your insurer. If you’ve got questions about specialty insurance, see what the professionals at Program Business have to say.)

Proving to clients that you care and want to be accessible can help them to take you more seriously as a professional. When building or revamping a website, don’t forget a cohesive contact section