Your insurance sales team members know the products you offer better than anyone. Their expertise is better left to customers who have a serious interest in purchasing. This is where insurance telemarketing comes in. This service takes care of the bulk of your calls, leaving your team members free to do what they do best.

The Benefits

You don’t have to sacrifice good customer service for efficiency. The experts at list several benefits of insurance telemarketing:

  • Expand your audience
  • Save money
  • Retain customers
  • Get measurable feedback

The Process

When telemarketers call on your firm’s behalf, they assess the needs of the potential client. Then they match those needs as closely as possible with the products and packages you offer. Your sales team gets leads of people who are already interested in what you sell without having to spend their own valuable time chasing them down. You get a cost-effective way to manage your marketing as well as frequent reports to help you gauge how well it’s working.

Your sales team represents your firm well, but there’s no reason it should have to do all the work. Insurance telemarketing helps you by narrowing down the leads your salespeople follow and helping you keep track of how those leads are doing.