Securing your company is a prime concern for most business owners. However, all too often the focus remains on the exterior threats and not the ones that can come from inside. As much as you would like to trust your employees, there is always the risk that someone will be tempted to make the wrong choice and leave your business dealing with a serious crisis.

Dishonesty Insurance

Though you won’t advertise to your employees that you’re covered if they decide to go rogue, crime insurance coverage steps in to protect your business against first-party and third-party claims of internal theft. This insurance is sometimes referred to as employee dishonesty insurance or fidelity insurance. Coverage areas can include:

· Computer fraud

· Forgery or alternation

· Funds transfer fraud

· Money order or counterfeit money fraud

· Employee theft of company assets or client property

· Robbery of safe, securities or money inside the business

Businesses With Dishonest Employees

The risk of internal theft isn’t just for banks or financial institutions. Every business has the potential to hire a dishonest employee. In fact, it is the small to medium-sized businesses that have the greatest risks, since these don’t often invest in state-of-the-art theft prevention services and monitoring.

With the risk of theft coming from physical or electronic means, you can’t afford to go without complete protection. In addition to risk mitigation strategies, invest in crime insurance coverage.