There are many types of homes to choose from when finding a new place to live. Most people consider cost and quality major factors in the home they chose. Whether building a new structure or buying an existing home, site-built and manufactured homes are two of the most common types of houses to consider. 

While the materials used to build each is usually the same, the construction methods are significantly different. 

Manufactured Houses

A manufactured home is often referred to as a mobile home. The quality of these homes has improved significantly in recent years, but the cost has remained lower than site-built homes. 

  • Factory-built – They are not built on-site but in a factory then transported to the property
  • Hud standards – These homes must conform to multi-state HUD standards, not just local city/state codes.
  • Section – They are built in sections then joined together on-site to form larger structures.
  • Foundations – They are usually put on pier foundations, not permanent foundations, making refinancing more difficult 
  • Value – They tend to lose value over time depending on certain factors. 

Site-Built Homes

Site-built homes are built on the property and generally gain in value over time. Typically they are built with wood framing and wood trusses for the roof. They have to conform to local building codes and require inspections to ensure code compliance. While they can conform visually with the surrounding homes, there is much more room for customization than with manufactured houses, though they are more expensive. 

Site-built and manufactured homes are great options for new homeowners and come with their own advantages and disadvantages.