Ship repairers have a unique set of liabilities that must be considered by any business in the industry. As a business owner, you may be deemed responsible for any incident that occurs during or adjacent to the ship repair process. Understanding ship repairers liability can help you work with a quality insurer to protect your assets and employees in the event or any accident, damage, or similar incident.

What Unique Risks Do Ship Repairers Face?

Ship repairers liability can extend to any part of the repair process, or to adjacent processes — like sea trials — that may be highly relevant as overall repairs occur. In effect, as a ship repairer, you might consider your work on the boat as a kind of temporary but comprehensive responsibility.

Ideally, you may want protection for the following contingencies:

  • Risk of natural disaster or severe weather affecting a ship repair
  • Risk of terrorism, strikes, civil disturbances, or other events that may interfere with the repair process
  • Workers compensation for employees
  • Coverage for periods when a given vessel is in transit

This is a non-comprehensive list of risks and possible areas of needed coverage. Consulting with an experienced insurer will help design a ship repair insurance policy that protects your business and employees throughout the repair process.