Today’s business world faces new risks in the area of cyber-security. Apart from proactively addressing the areas of weakness in your IT infrastructure, a defensive strategy is equally necessary to keep your business safe from cyber threats. With a superior coverage plan from Axis Insurance Agency, your company will have an experienced team of professionals ready to respond when risks and exposures arise.

Cyber-Security Threats

One of the top security threats a company faces is ransomware. This malicious software is a type of malware that corrupts your data by encrypting it and then extorts your company for a ransom to fix it. The most common delivery of ransomware is found in deceptive emails. The best ways to protect your company include taking action through the following:

Staff Education. Make your staff aware of unsolicited emails and their potential for harboring ransomware.

Protective Software. Install high-quality malware and anti-virus protection programs.

Maintain Updates. Make sure your software updates are scheduled and performed regularly.

Backup Protection. Keep data backups in order to recover un-encrypted versions of your data in the event of a breach.

With Axis Insurance Agency managing your insurance portfolio, you will find support and protection against the effects of this cyber threat. Their team is ready to assist with assessing your risks and advising on the best coverage for your company.