Managing a nonprofit organization is a rewarding experience. Volunteers who work for you should be commended for giving their time and talents to your cause. You value your volunteers and because of this, you want to protect them from liability.

Insurance Coverage for Volunteers

Your nonprofit organization can be sued for mistakes your volunteers make. People who run errands or make deliveries for your company are especially prone to claims.

The property damage and bodily injury liability coverage that your volunteers have on their personal auto insurance plan may not be adequate if they get into an accident while working for your nonprofit. That’s why it is critical to invest in volunteer vehicle coverage for your drivers.

There are some other valuable ways you can reduce the liability that your volunteer drivers face.

  • Screen your drivers by obtaining their annual Motor Vehicle Record. Make sure they have proper personal auto insurance as well.
  • Select someone within your organization to assign qualified drivers to run errands. Don’t assign someone to drive clients if they aren’t physically able to handle any special equipment.
  • Ensure that you comply with your state’s requirements for all vehicle safety inspections.
  • Train volunteer drivers on their responsibilities.

Protect your volunteer drivers and your nonprofit from unwanted liability claims.