Sailing clubs are vibrant, thriving places. While emphasis may be placed on having fun and enjoying time on or alongside the water, it is vital to take stock of the unique risks posed by sailing clubs. If you operate such a business, carrying comprehensive sailing club insurance will ensure you are well-protected in the event of any accident for which you are found responsible.

What Does Sailing Club Insurance Cover?

Any business alongside significant bodies of water is bound to face unique risks. Carrying a well-designed sailing club insurance policy will ensure you are prepared to deal with any and all of them.

Coverage may include the following, and more:

  • General liability insurance for the premises
  • Hull & liability coverage for boats docked at the facility
  • Coverage for damage to member property
  • Workers compensation for sailing club employees or contractors
  • Pollution and spill coverage

Some of these hazards may be less applicable to your specific sailing club, while you also may face distinct potential hazards for which you seek protection. Ultimately, speaking with an experienced insurer will help you both mitigate risks at your club, as well as craft a comprehensive policy to ensure that you and your members are protected in the event of any accident or incident.