Assisted living providers need to be particularly conscientious about recognizing and protecting the rights of its residents. All medical patients are entitled to certain rights such as those pertaining to privacy and standards of care, and patients’ rights are particularly important in a nursing home setting. Patients who reside in a facility that administers personal and medical care are wholly dependent on their care providers, and they are particularly vulnerable due to age and underlying health conditions.

Ensure That Staff Is Trained About Patients’ Rights

Staff needs to be thoroughly trained about the rights of nursing home patients. Orientation programs and written policies need to provide staff with a strong practical understanding of their individual responsibilities in upholding patients’ rights.

Structure Care to Serve Patients’ Rights

Nursing homes’ operations must be structured to uphold patients’ rights in every facet of care. These rights are intended to make patients safe and well-treated.

  •       Attention to medical, psychological, social, and physical needs
  •       Dignity
  •       Privacy
  •       Participation in reviewing a care plan
  •       Freedom from abuse, neglect, or mistreatment
  •       Freedom from physical restraints

Federal, state, and local regulations establish and govern the rights of nursing home patients. It is essential that providers are compliant with all applicable regulations and remain committed to a high standard of care for their patients.