Protecting Company Assets

Commercial property insurance is one of the most valuable tools in a business owner’s arsenal. With the threat of liability lawsuit from clients or employees, investing in financial assistance through a comprehensive policy can be your saving grace in the event of a claim of injury or damage. With a specific policy to cover your property, you are able to protect your physical operating assets.

What It Covers

With this coverage, your property, building, signage and equipment are shielded from financial loss in the event of a fire, water damage from broken pipes, explosions, vandalism, theft and some storm incident. Typically, floods and earthquakes are not included unless specifically added to the policy due to the physical location of the business. A general liability policy, which many assume is enough coverage, does not extend into these business areas.

Who Needs It

Regardless of the size of your company, you are a good candidate for commercial property insurance. If you are a small business, the good news is that you can deduct the cost of your premiums as operating expenses. In addition to the benefits your coverage provides in the event of an incident, the additional tax benefit makes this an important investment. Your initial quote will be figured according to your size, the type of assets, location and occupancy. Don’t hesitate when it comes to securing good coverage.