Production Insurance Helps You Avoid Disaster On Set

The entertainment industry is known for a few famous sayings. Among these quotes is “the show must go on.” Unfortunately, there are plenty of situations where the show sees unexpected circumstances that hinder the big production. Whether you’re working on a play with a local theater troupe or a big-budget film, it can be wise to find Palisades insurance in NJ that covers entertainment productions.

Production Problems Happen Often

You never know when disaster can strike while you’re working on a production. A typical policy will protect you in several key situations including:

When a key cast member doesn’t show up and performance is delayed or canceled

Director liability to cover the director or managers

Flood insurance in the event of an unforeseen storm

Protect Your Performers

The world of performing is plagued with dangerous situations. Actors and actresses go to all sorts of lengths to put on a fantastic show for the audience. This is why it can be important to look into Palisades insurance in NJ for production coverage. These policies often include worker’s compensation options, so you can cover your bases and not face financial ruin should someone get injured while rehearsing for a big scene.

Don’t let a surprise ruin your vision. Explore your options for production insurance and stay covered until you finally get your show up and running.