As much as we love to tinker with our boats, the ideal outside temperature for such tasks might not be available all year. For whatever reason, we’ll need to prepare our boats for storage in a manner that protects all of their various components and allows them to come alive once again without too much fuss.

Cold, But Not Finished

Most modern boat engines have a step-by-step process for running the engine its last time before winter for proper boat storage preparation. Expenses outside of the physical boat need to be considered as well, such as insurance and registration fees for the boat and trailer which continue to amass while the boat is laid up.

Stored, But Not Forgotten

Ships will likely need to stay in the water all year, but this doesn’t need to be a bad thing. Thorough maintenance and emergency plans can ensure the ship is fine while docked at the marina. Smaller boats can come out of the water and can be towed. Ideally, the boat can be left at a vertical storage unit near where you like to launch the boat – or it can be tucked under a tarp neatly at home.

Boat storage preparation is something all boat owners need to consider. Be sure to consult the guides for both the manufacturer of the boat’s engine and of the chassis when learning proper storage techniques.