Because boat insurance is not mandatory, some enthusiasts are tempted to skip the expense, especially if they have been boating for a number of years with no incidents. If you are planning to travel outside the waters of the United States, however, finding a good worldwide boat insurance policy is a must. If you don’t think so, first consider life without it.


If you are an experienced boater, then the perils of the open sea are not new to you. The professionals at Mariners Insurance mention these factors with the potential to damage your boat:

  • Storms
  • Vandalism
  • Accidents while towing
  • Collisions with other boats


Have you ever spent time on the telephone with a police officer, trying to explain something that happened to you? The experience can be overwhelming if you are feeling shaken up by what has happened. Imagine having this same conversation with someone whose first language is not English, and you will get an idea of what it is like to have a boating accident in a foreign country without a trusted insurance agent.


Overseas travel has its pressures and challenges. Worrying that you could lose your boat can add to your anxiety and make your trip less of a vacation. Don’t experience life without boat insurance.