Keeping Your Business and Your Employees Safe on the Road

Drivers are taught about the dangers on the road before they even receive a license. However, there is an additional risk when the drivers are your employees. To make sure both your company and your employees are covered, you need New Jersey commercial auto insurance.

Policy Coverage

Whether your employees are running errands or driving to corporate events, you want them to be covered in the event of an accident. Even if they are driving their own vehicles, as long as they are conducting company business then the company can be held responsible for any accidents or damages incurred during this time. To avoid that costly result, you can build an auto insurance policy that covers the following:


Natural disasters

Uninsured or underinsured drivers

Property insurance

Legal fees

Lost wages

Medical payments

The basic policy is recommended, but you can also include extended liability for additional coverage or even umbrella insurance for comprehensive protection. The policy you choose depends on your risk factors and how much driving your employees do.

Protecting Drivers for Businesses

If you own a company that has employee drivers, you can be prepared for the worst-case scenario with New Jersey commercial auto insurance. Mitigating the risks does not prevent them from happening, but it does provide peace of mind and protection for a situation when a disaster does occur.