As a business owner, you want to present yourself in the best light possible and to have a friendly working relationship with vendors. As your company grows, however, it might become more difficult to maintain that relationship. Does hiring vendor management services to help you mean that you no longer need to have a good repertoire with the vendor? Absolutely not! Here are 2 ways to keep up good relations with vendors:

1. Send a Yearly Christmas Card

Once the reins have been passed down to someone else, remind your vendors that you still value their service and appreciate all that they do for you and your company. Reaching out for vendor management services doesn’t quell your appreciation! Send a handwritten card every year to the vendor, thanking them for their service.

2. Check In

Show vendors that you see them as more than a service they offer, but as people. Personally call each vendor every few months. Don’t make it a business call, make it a personal call to check in and see how they and their family are doing. Keep conversations light and friendly, and only bring up business if they do. It’s a small thing, but it can make someone’s day.

Though vendor management services make running a small business a little easier, don’t forget to remind vendors how much you appreciate them. Small touches really do go a long way!