Even if you think you can shoot an entire video in a single month and it’s a relatively low-risk project, you still need to ensure you have the appropriate level of video production insurance. Fortunately, most insurance providers offer a wide variety of coverage options and will most likely be willing to work with you to meet your individualized needs.

Insurance Considerations

Two of the most important things to consider when looking for the appropriate video production insurance is the length of time needed to finish production and the total video production budget. These factors will have the most significant impact on which policy you decide is right for you.

Short Term versus Long Term Projects

Video production insurance is based on the length of time you will be producing a film. Don’t forget that you probably want coverage for planning, writing and preproduction location visits.

Short Term Video Production with Low Budget

These projects are generally budgeted for less than $1,000,000 and have a total filming duration of 60 days or less.

Production Portfolio Insurance with High Budget

This video production insurance coverage is a good option if the production budget is less than $25,000,000 and has a filming duration of a year or less.

Premiere Production Insurance without Time Constraints

This is the policy package you would want to choose if you’re shooting a single video or a series with a total budget of $15,000,000. Always make sure your policy covers your video’s full schedule and budget.