How Having Insurance Helps Maximize the Contributions of Your Engineers

Having a great idea is useful but having someone that can bring that idea to life is even more valuable. Often it is engineers that are given the responsibility of taking concepts on paper and laying out the blueprints to make them a reality. They are seen in virtually all fields of study using their command of scientific and mathematical concepts to fine-tune ideas into creative and practical applications and products that are used every day. While these skilled professionals benefit the organizations for which they are employed as well as their clients, mistakes can be quite costly whether intentional or not. That’s why having E&O insurance for engineers is something that should be high on the priority list.

Common Exposures

Regardless of whether these professionals are mechanical, civil, geotechnical, drafting or safety engineers, mistakes can be costly when their jobs are not completed correctly. Having coverage can help protect against mishaps resulting in loss, damage or other harm to clients such as the following:

Contract violations

Errors in design




Working with these highly skilled individuals is not only profitable for any business, but the risk of human error cannot be completely disregarded. Protect your business today by finding out how E&O insurance for engineers can give you the security you need to protect your investment.