Having e and o insurance for an insurance agency is important for a variety of reasons. Since errors can occur just about anywhere in a variety of circumstances, it’s necessary to have protection should an accident happen.

Accidental Errors From a Professional

Errors can occur anywhere, even by a professional. Having insurance covers the agency in the event that an insurance worker accidentally leaves something out of a policy or misquotes something. In cases like these, workers and the agency can be sued. By having coverage, this protects the individual in the process, along with the place of business.

It Covers a Variety of Circumstances

Having proper insurance coverage is important in many different circumstances. These situations can include independent contractors, bodily injury or property damage, and even insurance claims. Investing money in this protection is important in case a mistake happens because it saves money for the agency rather than causing everything from reputation damage to losing the business.

Having e and o insurance for an insurance agency is necessary for any professional in the insurance industry who cares about their job. It can protect both the worker and the agency in case of a mistake for only a small investment while guarding reputation and ability to work.