When you started posting for temp positions, you never would have guessed how many great people you would find through them. What are some signs that you should hire a temp permanently if you think they’re worth their salt?

1. Enthusiasm for the Job

Someone who comes into work every day ready to go and is excited to get started is someone you want to keep around. People who are enthusiastic show great potential for a long-term position.

2. Dependability and Minimal Sick Days

Does this person show up without fail every day, even in the middle of the flu season? Do they make it a point to be on time or even early for work?

3. A Flexible Schedule

This is one feature that makes them a great temp, but it can also be a major hiring point too, especially if your business is prone to odd hours.

4. They’re Hungry for the Job and Want to Succeed

An employee who wants to be there is a rare find. If you’ve found a temp who is a proverbial puppy wagging its tail in terms of eagerness, you hang onto that puppy. Not everyone shares the craving for success.

Finding a temp is only as hard as following tips like those found on http://www.wwspi.com/, but a long-term employee is another story. If you think you’ve found a temp who could be a great permanent fit, know what to look for.