Running a company brings a host of challenges; finding the right insurance shouldn’t be one of them.  Many landscape company owners are unfamiliar with rules and requirements in the insurance industry, not to mention the various products that they may or may not need. This quick guide can help you find the right insurance for landscaping company.

Understanding the Different Types of Insurance

Some policies are designed to cover losses of or damage to property. Commercial auto, equipment and property insurance are all excellent examples of these. There are also plans to limit professional and personal liability in the case of an accident, injury or improper work. A few examples include:

Knowing What Policies You Need

It is crucial to have appropriate coverage for the activities you perform and the equipment that you operate. A good place to start is by taking inventory of the type of work you routinely perform, any physical equipment or property assets of the business, and the number of employees on the payroll. One of the best ways to ensure that you have adequate coverage is to work with a professional insurance agent who is familiar with the landscaping industry. 

Knowing what types of policies are available and best suited to your business limits liability while freeing up time to focus on what matters most: keeping your landscaping business growing strong.