Selecting appropriate insurance coverage for nursing homes can prove quite challenging for those at the helm. These work environments often entail many unique risks that may not be evident in other industries, making the selection process a bit more difficult. While nursing home rates can be an important consideration when choosing a plan, there are many other factors one must take into account.

Tailor Policies to Your Business’s Needs

General liability coverage is typically the starting point for most business insurance, but these policies may fall short of offering complete protection. In this case, the ability to customize programs can be extremely useful. In general, nursing home insurance should include some combination of the following:

  • Automobile Coverage – Auto accidents involving patient transport vehicles and the like require a suitable coverage option to ensure operations can continue unimpeded after an accident.
  • Professional Liability – This coverage offers protections when a facility is subject to claims of negligence, which is essential for keeping a business afloat during court proceedings.
  • Directors and Officers – If legal action is taken against a facility, this plan can provide reimbursement for losses incurred as a result, in addition to protecting those in charge.

Comprehensive Coverage When You Need It Most

When seeking nursing home rates, one must thoroughly review policy details to ensure comprehensive coverage is available. Such review can ensure a business will remain protected in the event allegations of wrongdoing, as well as any related legal proceedings.