As an employer, you want to take care of your employees and offer them valuable benefits. However, mistakes sometimes happen, and you need to protect yourself against claims if they do. This is where EBL coverage comes in.

What is EBL insurance?

Employee Benefits Liability, or EBL, insurance is designed to protect you should an omission or mistake occur in the management of your employee benefits program. Based on the information at, EBL insurance administered by a dependable agent pays for legal claims should errors occur in multiple areas of employees’ benefits packages, including:

  • Workers’ compensation and disability.
  • Savings and profit-sharing.
  • Vacation and maternity leave.

If you are found legally liable and are given fines or penalties, EBL coverage will pay those costs.

What types of mistakes are covered?

Solid EBL insurance from a dependable company or agent protects against financial loss when specific types of errors or omissions occur:

  • Losing or erasing employee files, whether electronic or paper.
  • Failing to enroll employees in company benefits plans such as health insurance.
  • Describing eligibility and plan details incorrectly.

EBL insurance protects you against legal claims due to administrative errors causing financial injury to employees.

If you offer your employees benefits, EBL insurance can give you peace of mind. Honest mistakes happen, and this type of coverage protects your financial security so you can focus on helping your business and your employees grow.