Public liability protection is commonly associated with retail spaces, but those businesses aren’t the only organizations that need it. If you’re unfamiliar with this kind of insurance, it specifically protects members of the public who enter your premises. That makes it essential for businesses that provide goods and services to walk-in customers, as well as those operating an entertainment venue. Usually, this policy requires a general liability policy to be in place, adding extended coverage beyond its limits when members of the public make claims. That allows your organization to avoid overpaying for general liability protection they don’t need in favor of more specific coverage that provides cost-efficient peace of mind.

Which Nonprofit Organizations Need Public Liability Insurance?

If your organization is open to members of the public, it’s a good idea to consult with an insurance specialist about public liability coverage for nonprofits. If you are only open for a few key events per year, you may be getting enough coverage from your general liability policy, but most nonprofits that provide services to the public or operate fundraising shops and walk-in offices do need the extra coverage. Contact a company that specializes in balancing the needs and budgets of nonprofits and charities for more information about how this kind of insurance could help protect your nonprofit.