Dogs are one of the most popular pets around the world, charming with their playfulness, loyalty and protectiveness. Unfortunately, like any animal, even a domesticated canine can be provoked into acting out of character. Whether warranted or not, many choose to err on the sign of caution and assume dogs, specifically certain breeds, have the potential to cause harm. Even if the animal has not previously shown signs of being dangerous, dog liability insurance can help meet the requirements imposed by some organizations, such as those in a community or housing unit.

Stigma or Reality?

As a dog owner, one will eventually learn that certain breeds are considered more dangerous than others. While any dog has the potential to act out if provoked, some have specifically gotten a bad reputation over the years. Some reasons that certain animals are discriminated against more than others include:

  • Being part of a breed traditionally bred to be aggressive for guarding or fighting
  • Irresponsible owners who do not tend to their animals or train them properly
  • Bad breeding practices, such as intentionally passing on the genes of aggressive animals
  • The way the media has portrayed certain breeds

While it can be up for debate if a specific dog is dangerous, dog liability insurance can be a practical safeguard that is often required in many situations. Speak to an agent that specializes in this type of insurance to find the best plan to fit the needs of you and your beloved pet.