Selling, building and supplying parts for recreational marine vessels comes with specific liabilities and exposures. The marine industry helps get people enjoying water for fun, living and conducting business. Recreational marine programs help protect your business when things go wrong. Save money by protecting your business before something happens.

Additional Policy Options

Like most businesses, recreational marine programs often include a general liability insurance plan, errors and omissions policy and workers compensation. Some additional policies that may benefit recreational marine companies include:

  • Inland Marine Insurance
  • Marine Liability Insurance
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Hull and Protection and Indemnity Insurance
  • Recreational Marine Insurance

Comprehensive Exposure Coverage

Running a business comes with many challenges, recreational marine manufacturers, dealerships and suppliers face additional risks. A proactive approach to insurance can help prevent financial hardship in the event a claim is filed. With everything that goes into making a boat or yacht for a consumer, mistakes can happen anywhere along the way exposing the company.

Get recreational marine programs from a trusted partner in the business. An agent with knowledge of the particular risks and exposures faced by recreational marine companies can tailor a policy to more accurately fit the company. Proactively assess your risks, find the right coverage options and get back to focusing on what you do best.