The legalization of recreational cannabis in California has led to the proliferation of dispensaries across the state. You may be inclined to believe that all of these locations are operating legally, but this is not necessarily the case. There are a few key signs to look for in a dispensary before you buy.

3 Primary Dispensary Differences

Buying from a legal dispensary ensures the safety and quality of the product you purchase. One of the biggest differences in legal and illegal dispensaries is in the type product you are likely to get. Cannabis from an illegal seller often contains additional ingredients that are potentially harmful. There are three quick indicators to look for in a legal dispensary.

  1. Licensing information: California has implemented an easy way to get licensing information. Now, a legitimate seller can obtain an emblem that displays a QC code. Simply scan the code on your phone to pull up the dispensaries licensing information.
  2. Product packaging: If you see bulk containers on shelves, you know immediately that the dispensary is illegal. California law requires sellers to pre-package their products in opaque packaging that is child- and tamper-resistant as well as resealable.
  3. Insurance certification: A legal dispensary is required to have a valid certificate of insurance. If the seller does not have one, you can be sure the operation is illegal.

Knowing the differences between legal vs illegal cannabis dispensaries is important. California’s regulations are there to ensure product quality and public safety. Not all cannabis dispensaries are legal, so take care to make sure your favored location is.