Being an engineer is a great career. Your work can have a real impact on the world and the pay is fantastic. However, if you are an engineer, you have to be aware that there is a certain amount of financial risk in your field of work. You can face many of the same issues that other businesses and professionals face such as claims of property damage or injury and claims of inaccurate work. Insurance for engineers can help protect you from a lot of this risk.  

Professional Liability Insurance 

Professional liability insurance is a must-have if you work in engineering. It is not uncommon for engineers to face claims of inaccurate work or late work. These claims can be expensive but professional liability insurance can pick up the bill for you.

General Liability Insurance 

While uncommon, there is a chance you could face claims of injury, property damage, or advertising injury. General liability insurance can help pay for the fees if you are sued for any of these reasons.

Workers’ Compensation 

If you run an engineering company that has employers, you definitely should invest in workers’ compensation. This type of insurance can pay for costs associated with injuries your workers could sustain while on the job.

Being an engineer comes with a surprisingly large amount of risk.  Engineer insurance can help protect you from the unexpected.