Around 340 million occupational accidents occur each year worldwide. When these accidents occur, the victim may have a need for workers’ compensation. Here are a couple scenarios for which workers’ compensation covers:

Vocational Rehabilitation

Some injuries are drastic enough that the victim must relearn how to use his or her body in the same way he or she used to in order to perform a particular job function. Or, the injury may be so damaging that he or she can no longer do the job previously held, and he or she must retrain for a new kind of job. In either case, the victim may pursue vocational rehabilitation under the workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Permanent Total Disability (PTD)

In this case, the injury is so severe that the victim loses function completely and permanently, and can no longer work. Under this type of insurance, the victim will be compensated for medical expenses, attorney fees, and lost wages both for the time of injury and for a certain period of years (or lifetime). For example, a machinist who loses a hand in a hydraulic press will likely receive this form of benefit.

Injuries on the job happen reguarly, even despite best practices. Workers’ compensation is one way that victims can seek restitution if – or when – this happens.