Hauling a load across state lines comes with changing laws, regulations and potentially liabilities. Each state usually has their laws and regulations through their Department of Transportation. An interstate transportation liability program offers interstate coverage for your trucks.

Age Requirement

Not all states allow CDL drivers under the age of 21. Depending how many states your transportation travels to, you may want to stick with CDL drivers 21 and up. Always check with the state’s DOT for their age requirements.

MC Number

Federally regulated commodities and passengers transported in a truck are regulated by the Interstate Operating Authority. The truck needs an MC Number prior to transporting that cargo.

USDOT Number

Each truck crossing state lines is required to have a USDOT Number. With no federal commercial driver’s licenses available, most commercial vehicles need a USDOT Number.

Service Hours

Some states do limit the number of hours a trucker can operate the vehicle. These hours can extend over a longer period of time and require rest times in between long drives.

The interstate transportation liability program requires trucks crossing state lines to have both an MC Number and a USDOT Number prior to offering insurance. Avoid a fine or penalty by checking with the state prior to driving within their borders.