With so much that is wrong with the world, nonprofits can be powerful sources of positive change. It is important to donate your money to the causes that you believe are necessary for creating the world you want to live in. Here are three ways to make your nonprofit donations more easily.

Tax Refund

When you receive your tax refund, consider using a portion of it to donate to a nonprofit that creates the kind of world you believe in. It is even better to make the donation ahead of tax season and use the tax refund to replace the funds you donated. This way, you aren’t tempted to splurge on something frivolous with your refund when it finally comes in.

Life Insurance Policy

Take out a life insurance policy and name a desirable nonprofit as the beneficiary. Alternately, add a nonprofit as a beneficiary onto an existing policy. When you eventually pass away, these funds will go directly to the nonprofit.


This is typically the most common way to leave assets to a nonprofit. By naming a nonprofit as a beneficiary in your will, you guarantee that the organization will legally receive money designated for them.

Whatever you decide to do, consider donating money to a cause that aligns with your belief system. That way, you can help to positively impact the world in a much greater way than you could alone.