Whenever you step foot onto someone’s private property, you open the door to a number of inherent risks. This is especially true if you are conducting laborious business on that property, as is the case for those in the cleaning industry. Since cleaners routinely face a growing list of chemical and physical hazards, cleaning service insurance offers critical protection for employees, businesses, and customers alike.

1. What It Is

Cleaning insurance covers professionals working in the residential or commercial cleaning industry. Available packages range from standard liability insurance that covers generic losses and damages to optional coverages for issues such as employee theft. Typically, policies can be tailored to fit your or your company’s individual needs.

2. What It Covers

Since policies are highly customizable, you can often decide what cleaning insurance looks like for yourself. Generally, however, policies cover things such as accidental property damage, injury to the cleaner or homeowner, and loss or destruction of cleaning supplies and equipment.

3. Who It Covers

Anyone in the cleaning industry is a viable candidate for cleaning service insurance. This includes maids, janitors, launderers, and deep cleaners, as well as the companies for whom they work.

Cleaning insurance ensures that any expenses incurred while on the job — including resultant medical bills, court fees, and repair or replacement costs — do not come out of the pockets of your employees or business, giving you and your employees the peace of mind to focus instead on creating a quality customer experience.