From small disputes over dress codes to major allegations of misconduct, today’s teachers face an increasing number of complex situations that they must mindfully and successfully navigate to keep both their jobs and their reputations. Teacher liability insurance helps ensure that all educators are covered should they find themselves on the other side of a legal dispute. 

1. You’re Prepared for the Worst 

No one likes to consider the worst-case scenario in any profession, but teachers must do so to avoid potential legal trouble. If a student is injured or debased on the teacher’s watch, that teacher is responsible for any ensuing damages, whether they are directly at fault or simply negligent. 

2. Lawsuits Are Increasing 

As more citizens become aware of their legal rights, lawsuits against schools, school districts, and teachers have steadily increased. In order to combat this upswing, it’s crucial that teachers insure themselves and take steps to avoid potential issues. 

3. Your School May Not Cover You 

Most school insurance policies cover the district rather than the individual educator. This means that legal fees and professional pay losses may not be covered unless the accused teacher has teacher liability insurance. 

As society advances, so do the myriad ways teachers can find themselves in legal trouble. Insuring oneself with teacher liability insurance is one of the best ways to prevent teachers from losing their jobs, licenses, and selves.