The coronavirus pandemic initially sent businesses into a panic, pushing many into survival mode when it came to digital marketing. While the economic downturn requires executives to make tough decisions about where to cut spending, eliminating advertising is not the most effective approach. Here are some of the best digital marketing strategies for this unique situation.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO continues to be a cost-effective strategy to increase your ranking in search results. Even if internet searches are currently down, maintaining an investment in organic traffic to your website will ensure that it rebounds at the same time the economy does.

  1. Increase Social Media Posts and Emails

As people stay glued to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, make sure they see a steady flow of content from your company. The same is true for email campaigns, with people spending more time in front of a computer as they work from home.

  1. Build Trust

Let your clients know you are socially aware by being transparent with how your company is responding to the crisis. If possible, offer discounts, sale items, and perhaps free shipping. However, do not express levity regarding COVID-19.

These inexpensive techniques can help keep customers aware of your business throughout the duration of the pandemic.