Food pantries offer a valuable social service to many Americans unable to put food on the table every day. New York Marine & General Insurance protects the assets of food pantries when faced with a lawsuit. Food pantries have enough challenges meeting the nutritional needs of the people, too few resources and donation issues.

Nutritional Needs

Most food at a food pantry is shelf-stable and thus not as nutritionally dense as other foods. Canned, processed and boxed foods help keep tummies full but don’t have the same nutritional capabilities of fresh produce and quality meats available at the local grocery store.

Limited Resources

Many local agencies and government entities provide some financial resources for food pantries. However, those resources are limited and must be stretched thin to meet the needs of the pantry.

Unsuitable Donations

Like many social service organizations, food pantries rely on donations to keep food on the shelves. Unfortunately, those donations are not always suitable for use. They may feature expired expiration dates or be culturally inappropriate for some groups.

Protect your social service organization with New York Marine & General Insurance. You have bigger concerns about helping meet the needs of your community to worry about a lawsuit. The right insurance can help your food pantry stay open and continue serving.